How to Make a Rental Apartment a Home

Moving into a new apartment is always exciting but the moving process and getting acquainted with your new home can be overwhelming. Once you’re settled and start feeling more comfortable in your new space, your rental apartment will start feeling like home, which can take some time. And with limited flexibility when it comes to decorating your space, being creative is key.

Unpack and Get the Boxes Out

We can all agree that packing and unpacking is the worst part about moving. With hectic schedules, limited space, and more boxes than you know what to do with, unpacking can be a long process. To help make the process go by a little faster, try unpacking room by room and committing to unpacking a specific number of boxes each day (or weekend!). Before long, it’ll look like you’ve been in your new space for years!

Incorporate Sentimental Items

Whether you’ve already finished decorating your apartment and it still doesn’t feel like home, or if you have a small budget for decorating, incorporating sentimental items into your new space can make all the difference. Whether it’s a blanket hand-knitted by your grandmother, a souvenir from a trip with your friends or family, or even a painting from a parent, these items will help you feel more comfortable in your new space.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Have your apartment decorated to your liking? Now it’s time to start exploring your new neighborhood! Explore the Grand Oaks at Ogeechee community and the Savannah area, stop into a new coffee shop, and socialize with your neighbors. Before long, you’ll be hosting dinner parties with your new friends and will truly feel like you were always meant to live at Grand Oaks at Ogeechee.

Be Wise with Your Décor

By incorporating home décor pieces that reflect your personality into your new apartment, you’ll instantly feel like you’re at home! When purchasing new pieces, keep in mind the layout of your home to ensure the décor flows from room to room.

If you want to hang any art, clocks, or organizational pieces on your walls, make sure to read through your rental agreement to confirm the policy of putting nails in the wall. We suggest using Command Strips to help minimize damage and still be able to enjoy your artwork.

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