How to Transition Your Space for a New Season

The days are getting longer, it’s getting warmer, and soon, we’ll be wearing sandals instead of clunky boots. Spring is here and we couldn’t be more excited. As you’re pulling out your spring wardrobe and deep cleaning your space, now is the perfect time to transition your space from winter to spring!

Spring Clean and Declutter

As you are spring cleaning your space, don’t forget to declutter! For the items you decide to keep, utilize drawer organizers, baskets, stackable refrigerator bins, and strategically placed hooks and storage units to organize all of your belongings.

Add Some Colorful Art

The wall décor and art in your home is not only easy to switch out but is also a great way to change up your space depending on the season. To help get you over the winter blues, switch out your current art for some pieces that have bright colors, beach scenes, or pastels.

Incorporate Pastel Accents

Pastels scream spring and by switching out books, accessories, and even pillows for pastel options, your space will instantly be transformed.

Opt for Lighter Fabrics and Textures

Put away any heavy blankets, chunky knits, and faux furs for lighter fabrics and textures for spring. These lighter materials will give your home an open, airy feel to it that will make you feel calm almost instantly.

Not sure where to start? Switch out pillows, bedding, and throws with blush, ochre, or sage green linens!

Bring in the Plants

Houseplants are not only great for improving indoor air quality but are also great for brightening a space after the long winter months. If you have the opposite of a green thumb, incorporate succulents or snake plants into your home.

Find New Scents

Many winter scents are heavy and warm but once the warm weather rolls around, they are almost too cozy! Swap out these heavy scents for those that boast warm weather. Think floral, linen, and fruity scents.

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